Microblading / Ombré

Whether you are looking to fill in existing brow area or reconstruct entirely new brows, a happier you is only one microblading appointment away.

two different eyebrowPORTFOLIO For people with thin, fine eyebrows who are looking to get thicker brows, microblading might be an option. Here are some things that you should know, including facts, costs, pre- and post-care instructions, and some FAQs.

What Is microblading?

Microblading hair strokes are created to fill in sparse areas, shape the brow perfectly, and cut ten years off of someone’s age. The appointment is simple- first, we match organic pigment to your hair color. Second, we design an individual shape that best suits the face and bone structure. Then, painlessly we etch little hairlike strokes into your eyebrow region. The results are natural, beautiful, and you will never have to pick up an eyebrow pencil again!

Initial appointment: $350 (DOES NOT INCLUDE TOUCH UP)

Recommended touch up within 4-6 weeks: $50, refer a friend who books and get your touch up for free!

  • Touch up 2 months-year: $125-$150
  • Touch-up after six weeks: $50
  • Touch-up after six months – year: $150

Eyebrow aftercare and what to expect


Here are some commonly asked questions:

Q: Does microblading hurt?
A: Numbing agent is used, but there still may be pain or discomfort. On a scale of one to ten, microblading is about three or four.
Q: Will my skin be red or swollen after?
A: Depending on skin type, the skin will most likely be slightly red and irritated after the procedure. The redness subsides in a couple hours, and in some cases, 1-3 days. You will still be able to go about everyday activities and be seen in public just the same.
Q: How do you choose the right shape and color for each client?
A: Every clients’ face shape is different, meaning there are no cookie cutter brows. Each face is measured out with special tools and techniques, paired with clients’ special requests, it is the microblade artist’s judgment call on what shape and size look best. Judging what color is very simple- there are different shades of pigment already mixed, which can be used alone or combined to make the perfect color. Pigment is usually matched very close to the original eyebrow color for most natural results.
Q: How long is the procedure?
A: Appointments normally last around two hours.
Q: How important is aftercare?
A: Aftercare is VERY important. Without proper aftercare, your brows will not have the full potential to heal perfectly. It will be difficult to keep your brows out of water and the sun for at least a week, but the results are very worth it. When a client comes in for a touch-up, it is apparent how well they followed aftercare.
Q: How long does microblading last?
A: Depending on skin type (sun damaged, oily, dry, aged, etc.) and lifestyle, microblading can last up to about four years. Touchups and color boosts are recommended.
Q: How long does the healing process take?
A: The skin isn’t considered fully healed until 30 days after the procedure (a full cycle of cellular regeneration). Microbladed areas will feel and look normal after 8-10 days.
Q: Will my brows fade?
A: Brows will fade 30% to 50% after the first couple of weeks of healing. The color you see after the first month is most likely the color it will remain. Sunscreen is recommended before leaving the house to prevent fading. Touch-ups and color boosts over time are suggested, especially to clients with oily skin.
Q: Is microblading safe?
A: If a client has answered the prerequisite questions honestly (such as if they are allergic to nickel or iron, use Retin-A products, scar easily, etc.) and follows proper cleaning aftercare to make sure no infection begins- the answer is YES, microblading is safe! Certain regulations are followed by the microblade artist to ensure safety. It has been proven safe over time, as tattooing has been performed over hundreds of years and is becoming more common and accessible. Like any medical or cosmetic procedure though, there are risks of an allergic reaction. It is very uncommon but possible.

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