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Industry-leading permanent makeup expert Allexa Iaderosa features full service microblading, ombre and powder brow, lip blush, and eyeliner serving Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, and Sarasota, Florida. She specializes in enhancing natural beauty of all ages and skin types. Bellezza Naturale provides superior quality work that results in an incredibly natural-looking, powdery effect. If you have ever said “my eyebrows are over-plucked, sparse or uneven…” or “I am so tired of putting on makeup everyday”, semi-permanent makeup would be perfect for you. With our expertise, you can leave worry out of your daily routine by taking advantage of smudge-free, flawless brows, eyeliner, and lips lasting up to three years. Wake up with makeup, and never have to stress about that part of your day again.

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Benefits of semi-permanent makeup:
  • Beautiful, soft and powdery
  • Wake up with makeup
  • Feel confident always
  • Save time and stress...
  • Lasts for a couple years
  • Smudge-free and easy
  • Painless and effortlessly gorgeous

“Happy clients are the best clients”

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